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Written by Michael Simons   

On February 6, 2009, almost 40 of Enfield Elementary's staff members and Site-Based Shared Decision-Making Team members met with Sean Brady of Prism Decision Systems, LLC to develop an Academic Improvement Plan based on Enfield's test and attendance data. Through a consensus-building approach, the team decided on academic targets for math and English language arts for the general population and for specific subgroups within this population with specific attention to students with disabilities, students of color, and students who are economically disadvantaged. Additionally, goals were set for increasing the overall attendance rate and decreasing the tardy rate. The specific activities that the school was to focus on to move forward with the plan were discussed and then prioritized. Teams began to form to break down the tasks for each activity. The presentation to this group, which includes the planning process, and the resulting Academic Improvement Plan may be downloaded through the links below.

Enfield Elementary School Academic Improvement Plan, 2009-2010

Measures 2006 2007 2008 2010 Target
Gr. K-2 PALS + DRA book level n/a n/a n/a TBD
Gr. 3-5 ELA performance index        
All students 159 174 177 186
Economically disadvantaged 147 169 169 180
Students of color n/a n/a n/a TBD
Students with disabilities 94 118 119 130
Gr. 3-5 Math performance index        
All students 169 182 182 189
Economically disadvantaged 159 172 180 188
Students of color n/a n/a n/a TBD
Students with disabilities 113 142 138 152
Attendance (%) 93 92 93 96
Tardy (%) 11.7 8.6 10.7 5

Academic improvement planning process (PDF)

Enfield Elementary Academic Improvement Plan, 2009-2010 (PDF)

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