IIT - ICSD Help Desk
400 Lake St - L Building
Ithaca City School District
Phone: 607-274-2311
Please check back often for the most up-to-date IT-related issues in our District.


Here is some info about the pilot printing project at Fall Creek.

Fall Creek Print Queues


Use this form to request long-term guest access to our WiFi network.

Long-term WiFi Request Form


Last Helpdesk of August is today 8/28 8:00AM until 2:00 PM


September 2013 Help Desk Hours - Welcome Back!

Tuesday & Wednesday ( 9/3 & 9/4) 7:30-11:30 and 12:30 -3:30.


Regular Hours:

Tuesdays 7:30-11:30 & 12:30-3:30

Wednesdays 7:30-11:30

Thursday 12:30-3:30


Closed for School Breaks


Help Desk Hours are on a "first come - first served" basis and a snoopy call is required.

If you have not entered a snoopy before you come to helpdesk, this is the first thing we will ask you to do.


Remember - before you bring us your ICSD computer you are responsible for backing up your own data. Please - if you store any lesson plans, worksheets or anything that is important and school related on your laptop save it to the network, or a flash drive, or an external hard drive BEFORE you bring it in. Take an extra moment and make sure it really copied - this is often data you have spent months or years creating and once your computer is reimaged it will be gone forever - if it isn't backed up!


About Snoopy Help Requests:
Snoopy Help Request is IIT's system for tracking technical help requests. This is the best way to get your request in the work order queue for the IIT Desktop Technicians. If you do not know how to use Snoopy, see your building tech mentor or librarian.


If your computer is not working please go to your closest library, or use another computer in your building to fill out a snoopy.


After you fill out a Snoopy Help Request, you will receive a confirmation email in the form of a TrackIt! Work Order. Note that Snoopy can only be accessed from inside the ICSD network - it will not work from home.


Your ICSD Staff network share

All staff were allocated 1 Gigabyte of space on the network to store their files several years ago. We provide some departments with additional shares for collaborative work, and will be expanding this next year. This space is protected, and backed up on a regular basis.


Your network share is not an appropriate place to store personal photos, music, or movies.


Anything you put here is protected from any disaster that may affect your individual computer.

If you have your files backed up to the network share and something happens to your laptop or desktop computer, your network share, (with all your files), will still be fine! You can access your network share from any ICSD computer on our network by logging in with your ICSD username and password, and your files will always be there.


If you keep all your files on your laptop or desktop and it dies you will lose your files.


This network share is where we expect you to store your vital work-related documents, spread sheets, presentations and other files. Rich media content like iMovie projects, large school-related movie files, or large numbers of school-related photos may be too large for your network share. Such files should be backed-up to external media (flash drives or external hard drives). Please submit a snoopy and come see us at help desk it you have no routine for backing up these larger files.


Your network share is not an appropriate place to store personal photos, music, or movies.


Accessing your network share

Apple Computers:

When you log in, a folder call “Staff” should automatically appear on your desktop. In this folder you should find your network share.

If this “Staff” folder does not appear automatically, please follow these steps to mount your network share

Go -> Connect to Server.

Type in “afp://dfs/staff”

Type in your username and password when prompted.

The staff folder should appear on the desktop. Your network share is inside.

Dell Computers:

Your network share is accessible as the H: drive in “My Computer”.



-Macintosh File Names

Macintosh computers are very permissive with file naming and allow you to name files that are not permitted on our network shares. Our network shares do not accept files longer than 32 characters or with names that include the following characters: ? [ ] / \ = + < > : ; " , * |

Please be keep this in mind when choosing names for your files.

If you try to copy a folder to your network share that includes files name longer than 32 characters or that includes one of the offending characters above than the WHOLE copy will fail. You will need to drill down into the folders and fix offending file names. If faced with a large volume of files to process than please come visit us at the help desk and we can use a utility to help you process the files.


-Why don't I have MORE Drive space?

The 1 Gigabyte space allocation was made a few years ago. As rich media content becomes ever more pervasive in our work we know users will need more than 1 Gigabyte of space, and we are working hard to rebuild our systems with additional space before next year. You are not limited to exactly 1 Gigabyte, but we would appreciate it if you use only what you need.


Your network share is not an appropriate place to store personal photos, music, or movies.


-Access from home

We currently do have not a solution for you to access your network share from outside the ICSD network. We are already testing solutions, and hope to address this issue this summer! Stay tuned! In the meantime you can use your laptop as a working space but you should endeavor to save files to your network share whenever you can.

Windows Printing:
If you need to add a printer to a windows machine, visit http://ps/printers. Look for your printer in the list, double click on the printer & choose connect from the menu on the left. Note: this will only add the printer to your user profile on the computer, (not all users).


Please refer to the this website frequently for further details on all of the above. We will try to keep this page up to date with technology changes/problems, in addition to these email updates. We will try to post emergency outages and expected public disruptions’ notices here.



Watch this page for real changes and important information.

Summer IIT Upgrades

This summer we are putting new "ENO" boards and projectors into every classroom room in the district.

Watch this space for updates on the current status of construction and news about the website redesign!

July - Boynton Construction Schedule:

We will begin on Monday July 1 and expect to complete an average of 4 locations per day.

There are 47 locations at Boynton so we hope to wrap up by July 18.

The order that was discussed is as follows:

1-Second Floor C Wing.

2-Second Floor D Wing.

3-First Floor E Wing.

4-Second Floor A Wing.

5-Second Floor B Wing.

6-First Floor A Wing.

7-First Floor B Wing.

8-First Floor C Wing.

9-First Floor D Wing.

Project Map - Boynton