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  1. Instructional Program including organizational patterns, instructional groupings, grade levels, number of classes per grade/program, languages of instruction and instructional strategies:
    • We have a free standing ESOL program that is broken into the NYSED required beginner, intermediate and advanced, and we also are in the process of creating a modified SIOP/SIFE program;
    • Our instructional groupings follow our organizational patterns, we have all beginners together, all intermediate together, and all advanced together. In our 9-12 high school, we do blend age groups as needed so that 9th and 10th grade beginners may be in a classroom together, for example;
    • Five periods are SIFE, one period of advanced, 4 periods of intermediate;
    • All students are taught in English according to their level of proficiency;
    • Instructional strategies include: pre-teaching, review, and content area support in vocabulary and conceptual development; collaboration and consultation with subject area teachers, outcomes of this can be modifying assignments, enriching assignments, assisting with assessment, assisting with school to home communication.
  2. Parent/community involvement including samples of correspondence to parents and caregivers in the top five languages served in the district. Also describe the orientation for parents of newly enrolled LEPs.
    • All types of district and building level communication can be translated into the top five languages through the Director of AIS Office, as well as any communication will be translated upon request in other languages;
    • At initial screening, parents/caregivers are met by the family liaisons who will provide tours of the building, introduce faculty members, answer any questions while the ESOL teacher screens the new student to see if ESOL services are needed. There are international nights during the fall and parent/caregiver open houses, picnics, and information nights.
  3. Program and activities to assist newly enrolled LEP students:
    • Family liaisons and teachers build communication to home to include students in all types of school activities, such as sports, arts, music, clubs, trips, etc.
    • Selected events occur for LEP students.
  4. Staff Development Activities including topics, presenters, and participants:
    • BETAC staff development on topics such as RtI for ELLs; data collection; SIOP;
    • Initial implementation of RtI-m as a data collection base;
    • Read 180/Systems 44 for ELL.
  5. Number and title of staff providing support services to LEP students (and languages in which such services are offered.)
    • Two full time ESOL certified teachers;
    • Two full time ESOL paraprofessionals;
    • 0.1 Department Chair facilitation and leadership support;
    • 0.1 AIS Director support as well as technical support;
    • 0.2 School Counselor support to SIFE and additional school counselor time to LEPS as needed and appropriate;
    • Three half time family liaisons who support ESOL and SIFE;
    • Other support personnel, such as school psychologists and social workers are used on an as needed basis.
    • Translators are provided upon request with availability sometimes a problem.
  6. Name/type of native language assessments administered: N/A
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