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Agenda Committee

Making decisions together at ACS is an important part of what makes this school different. This is not easy to do...... far from it. Currently, many of our school community don't feel involved in the process of making decisions, even though we worked really hard last year to make things clearer and easier to get involved in. There is a lot of work remaining. If you would like to work on the way that we make decisions here at ACS, or if you would like to get involved in learning to organize and facilitate the many types of meetings we use to share ideas and vote, this might be a great committee for you. In its current form Agenda Committee accepts proposals and issues written by members of the community. We organize and facilitate meetings where people share their thinking and vote. Finally, we work to keep records of decisions that have been made and make them available to the community.

Alternative Community Court
Mediation Committee

Conflict Resolution skills are taught through the Alternative Community Court and Mediation. The goal of these groups is to help keep LACS a safe, comfortable school for all. Students will commit to learning the skills and processes of one of these two groups. For High School students, a semester's successful participation in one branch of this committee is a requirement for the Critical Thinkers and Problems Solvers (III.C) and Community Participants and Leaders (IA) Essentials.

Eco-Action Committee

There is so much we can do to change our attitudes toward our environment. We will learn about specific ways we can each save energy and cut consumption, and we will share this information with the school and the community. We will continue with an inter-school combined effort to get our district to buy recycled paper. We will research alternative sources of energy, focus on positive environmental success stories and fair trade as models for our own work, and will become informed citizens capable of educating our community and effectively pressuring Congress and local politicians toward wise decision-making. This should be a very empowering committee.

Curriculum, Trips, & Fall Retreat Committee

This committee will take responsibility for organizing and coordinating the fall retreat, the project schedule changes each cycle and spring trips. Additionally it could look at curricular/schedule issues and look for solutions. It will be a very busy committee throughout the year, so only the very task-oriented need apply!

Fibers Fundraising

The purpose of this new committee is to create beautiful knitted, crocheted, and sewn products that can then be sold at various community fundraising events. The money that we make at these events would then go into a fund and would be distributed by the committee to the community as needed/requested. In order to be a productive member of this committee it is strongly recommended that you be proficient in knitting, crocheting, or sewing.

Fundraising & Yearbook Committee

Our big fundraising push is in the fall, raising funds for our school trips with the pecan sale. We will also work on bulb sales and on projects such as recycling ink cartridges to raise money. Come with ideas and energy to make these and any new ventures a success! Our big Yearbook push is in the spring, so we will focus our energies then on putting together a great collection of visual memories for the school year.

Gay/Straight Alliance

This committee serves to give support to students as well as to educate the ACS community on issues of homophobia and LGBT rights. We’ll have guests, watch films, participate in community events, maybe even write a grant so we can attend a conference. Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, transgender, questioning (or care about someone who is), if you are interested in making our school a safer, more welcoming and informed community, this committee is for you.

Green Thumb Committee

We will continue to maintain our present gardens and water the plants in the building. (Limited to 15 students.)

Library Committee

Open to all students (limit to 12 members). Students will participate in tasks to help in the upkeep of the library, such as shelving books, processing new books, stamping. In addition, students will be involved in:

  • writing short books reviews
  • designing displays on various topics
  • having discussions of library use issues
  • researching special topics

Maintenance Committee

Maintenance Committee has had the primary responsibility for recycling paper, glass, cleaning/maintaining the gym after lunch, picking up trash on the school grounds, putting up signs to encourage the school community to be clean and proud of it, and other odd jobs that need doing. The committee as a whole, with staff, will determine whether these are still the primary jobs of the committee, and what other jobs may be important to do. We will decide whether to operate by consistent work crews, with crew leaders, or by pairs and individuals. As in the past, students who have been the immediate past assistant committee leaders must take a new committee this first cycle.

Media Team

The media team makes its triumphant return for the 2009-2010 school year. The committee will have many responsibilities, including caring for the school?s media equipment, filming school events and editing event footage so that the community can view it in an enjoyable format. Much of the first cycle will consist of training sessions on all of the A/V equipment, from televisions and DVD players to digital projectors, camcorders, and on and on and on. Committee members agree to work outside of committee hours on occasion, troubleshooting A/V problems around the school, assisting staff and students with media needs, and filming events that take place after school.

School Modification

This committees emphasis will be to make changes to ACS’s walls, giving particular attention to the hallways and door wells of classrooms. Students will consider color theory and style in developing new concepts for the schools walls. Students will explore drawing, painting and stencil work for this hands on committee. All students will be expected to create conceptual additions, critique and evaluate ideas, as well as participate in designing and painting.

Site-Based Council

This group has been coordinating the activities and agenda for the LACS Site-Based Council. The Council is comprised of students, parent-caregivers, staff, and community members. Some of the Council’s responsibilities are: coordinating interviews for staff hiring, collecting and coordinating teacher evaluations, helping to facilitate evening council meetings each month, coordinating student involvement in major policy issues that concern LACS. We need more middle and high school students who are interested in being part of policy decisions which have long- and short-term impact on our school. The current issues are making the School Improvement Plan a living, working document for all students and staff, and the building addition and renovations being considered by the Board of Education.

Sunshine Committee

This committee attempts to make the school a more cheerful place. We decorate for seasons and holidays, plan special events outside of school time and make special plans and gifts for holidays like Valentine's Day and the beginning of Spring. Second semester enrollment will be limited to twelve. If there are more sign ups than twelve we will hold a lottery to decide who remains in the committee.

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