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All LACS Middle School students are expected to meet the following minimum expectations for successful promotion to high school at LACS:

A. Family Groups, Committees, All School Meetings, Spring Trips

Attend, participate in, and pass three years of Family Group, Committees of their choice, and weekly All School Meetings. Participate in Spring Trips each of the three years.

B. Community Studies (2 cycles)

Complete at least two cycles of community studies: one cycle of community service and one cycle of career exploration.

C. Visual Art (3 cycles)

Complete at least three cycles of art either through art classes or approved art projects.

D. Music/Theater (4 cycles)

Complete at least four cycles of music. Two cycles must be in a semester long music class, the other two may be through music projects, music/theater productions, or approved private music classes/lessons.

E. Physical Education (8 cycles)

Complete a minimum of eight cycles of physical education in middle school either through classes or approved PE projects. PE-oriented trips are eligible for one-cycle of PE credit (if approved by PE staff) and PE-oriented projects are eligible to
award 1/2 a cycle of PE credit (also with approval by P.E. staff).(8 cycles of physical education in total)

F. Foreign Language

Complete at least one of the semester long Intro to Languages courses in either Spanish or French. (Students are encouraged to take both). Begin the three year long language sequence required for high school graduation: Beginning A, Beginning B, Intermediate.

G. English (10 cycles)

Complete PAL, the first semester interdisciplinary English/social studies class for sixth graders. Successfully complete at least four additional middle school English courses. 

H. Social Studies (10 cycles)

Complete at least five middle school social studies courses. Of the five, one should be PAL (People and Literature), the first semester interdisciplinary English/social studies class for sixth graders.

I. Science/Technology (10 cycles)

Complete five middle school science courses. Of the five science courses, one should be I&T (Inquiry and Tools), the first semester interdisciplinary math/science class for sixth graders. One should be a second semester Physical Science course for eighth graders. Of the other three courses, one should be a life science course, and one should be a physical science course.

J. Health (2 cycles)

Complete one semester-long middle school health course.

K. Mathematics (12 cycles)

Complete either of two sequences of semester-long middle school math courses, beginning with the interdisciplinary math/science course Inquiry and Tools for all sixth graders.

2-year sequence (begin high school math in 8th grade)

6th grade: Inquiry and Tools, then Graphs and Statistics

7th grade: Pre-Algebra, then Geometry 2

8th grade: Beginning Algebra/Geometry (year long, first year high school math)

3-year sequence (begin high school math in 9th grade)

6th grade: Inquiry and Tools, then Geometry 1 OR Ratios, Proportions, Percents

7th grade: Ratios, Proportions, Percents OR Geometry 1, then Graphs and Stats.

8th grade: Pre-Algebra, then Geometry 2

L. Computer Literacy

Complete the introductory computer literacy course (or its equivalent) required for graduation from LACS.

M. Researchers (2 cycles)

This is a required semester-long course for 8th grade students focusing on how to do research.

N. Eighth Grade Challenge Project

Work with a teacher/mentor to define an individual “project” that goes above and beyond the expectations for that course, develop and create this project, and complete it over the course of the year. Final Challenge Projects will be on display at the Middle School Promotion in June.

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