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LACS's Community Studies Coordinator is This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . The Community Studies Office can be reached at: (607) 274-2126.

All high school students are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours of community service and all middle school students are required to complete one cycle.

Working with students in the communityBoth high school and middle students must keep a reflective journal (there is flexibility on its format) or attend the group lunch meetings, and also meet with the community studies coordinator once every two weeks. The journal should be done during the placement, not after the fact. It is the student's obligation to sign up to meet with coordinator. Students may use time after school or project time to provide service to the community. Students also need to document their placement in a timely fashion.

For high school students, providing community service fulfills Essential IB. There is an In-Depth study in Community Service. It requires 270 hours of service and a final project, as well as reflective journals and meeting with the coordinator along the way.

There are many ways you can complete Community Service:

  1. Volunteer to Teach A Project for Middle School Students
    (High school students only)

  2. Volunteer to Work in the Community.
    Here are just a few places people have volunteered in the past: Loaves & Fishes, Ithaca Rape Crisis, Finger Lakes Land Trust, Reconstruction Home or Ithaca, Elementary Schools or After School Programs, Ithaca Neighborhood Housing & Historic Ithaca, Political Work (such as Amnesty International), and more!
  3. Coming Up with Your Own Way to Help Out the Community
    So many students already volunteer throughout Ithaca and Tompkins county, sharing your hard work and your compassion. Some of you have talents and energy that you have yet to share, but know you would like to begin. Either way, see the Community Studies Coordinator so that you can set up a placement or so that you can use what you are already doing to meet Essential IB (note: you need to be currently involved in the placement; it cannot be something you did earlier.) Even if you have been volunteering at a place for years, you still need to document your service, complete the reflective journal requirement, and meet with the coordinator. The goal is to make time for some reflection, not to take the heart out of your efforts.
  4. Community Service Class (high school)
    Each student will complete over a 100 hours of service through both individual placements and group projects. We will read and write about the ideas of service and community, have many guest speakers, and, as a group, decide where we want to help out around Ithaca. The course will be linked to the Mohawk Trip. Hence, we will also study Native American culture and do fund-raising for the Freedom School, which is the school we visit on the reservation. Five points to keep in mind: 1) A few times a month you will need to give up some time on weekends and week nights to do service projects. 2) You will complete an in-depth if you complete the course, 100 hours of service this year, and the 60 hours of service for the normal graduation requirement. 3) Much of course will be student run, including facilitating discussions and deciding on service projects. 4) Most important, only people who are committed, cooperative, and respectful both in class and in the community will be allowed to stay in the class. 5) Because we will be examining Native American culture, you may pursue this as a CAP for academic in-depth exploration in English, but it requires a lot more work and self-discipline.


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